'FAST WEB' uses the latest web tech­nologies  and so at the customer's request can be made truly thrilling spectacle web. Today's web browsers have graphical capabilities which were previously known only in the gaming industry  . However, it is necessary to use these techno­logies very precisely and carefully, because even a small mistake in website code may cause slowdown or even overload of a powerful multi-core computers.


Hardware performance demanding web pages possibly won't be welcomed by some users of smart phones and tablets. They prefer a simple and well-arranged web-page, which do not consume a lot of battery power or data limits. The best solution is to create a 'lightweight' web site that auto­matically adapts its design features to all kinds of display devices. This is called a

"responsive web design"

and it is a common standard in nowadays web-design.
On your desktop computer you can easily test the responsivity of every web site - just grab one of the browser window edges and shrink it. If the site is responsive you should see how the various page elements are auto­matically adapting to window size...


Today can be easily created a website whose admini­strator does not need any programming knowledge. It is possible to use one of the many freely available

content management systems (CMS)

. Of course, «FAST WEB» offers the installation of popular CMS




, including various plugins.


Finally, 'FAST WEB' emphasis on compatibili­ty with all commonly used web browsers, because every browser works with HTML5 stuff on its own way.